Nov 25, 2021
Andre_Alexander (All reviews)
Spoiler free article: A short description that's just a bit longer than normal synopsis to give you rough idea what to expect from this anime. Conclusion for TL;DR at the end of the articles.

With a whole different take compared to the first season, this season Megalo Box carry a lot heavier atmosphere and even more focus to the story than the boxing on the ring itself. Each characters get fleshed out even more in this series, no characters left out. The introduction of few new characters also feels just right, and they neither overwhelmed or underwhelmed the "old" characters. The slow pacing suit just right with this kind of story, although some people might find it a bit too slow.

The arts are just as good as the first one, with it's amazing both character detailing and the background of the city. Unfortunately though, that the resolution of the background pictures can't keep up with the character as a lot of them looks grainy due to the very low resolution, and it's all of them, I mean, I know background is there as a support and not the main star, but the quality differences can't be that much...

The music are not everyone's cup of tea for sure, but it did capture the whole atmosphere of this season, with no vocals at all, you can listen to the guitar's strum to your heart content. The whole OST successfully sculpted the atmosphere to allow the viewer to get absorbed while watching. The seiyuu also able to convey the emotion of each characters perfectly, it even transcends the language barrier. If that's not an astounding performance, I don't know what is.

Reasons to watch:
-A superb continuation of Joe's story (or should I say Nomad..)

Reasons NOT to watch:
-You're looking for fast paced boxing action anime
-You haven't watched the first season