Nov 25, 2021
Itsemsie (All reviews)
It started off well, But as soon as it went off what happened in the Manga, it was clear that this was going on a crash course into terrible. None of the characters feel the same as they did the previous season and any motivations and beliefs that the new characters have gets swept under the rug as soon as our main characters make any decision.

After a the first few episodes, I jokingly said to myself "There not gonna try to finish this in one season." Sure enough, I was proven wrong. What I thought, and was told would likely be a series that was going to go for many seasons was condensed into 12 episodes, cutting off hundreds of chapters and arcs and removing the key pieces to make this season stand just as well as the first season did.

But they blew it.

And that ending was the worst I've seen in any anime.