Aug 5, 2011
beckaleck (All reviews)
I really liked this manhwa. You can't read the words' literal meaning because it involves a lot of figurative language and symbolism.
Let me just clear this up - the manhwa isn't really a story, it's more like a secret being told.
It's cryptic - yes, even the title itself is an analogy that fits the two protagonists perfectly; the first two lines are also used as a comparison to a something you can't have no matter how hard you wish for it.
Sure the main focus wasn't romance, rather it was just the love that's secretly harbored. Also, the protagonists accept their love for the other and don't struggle with thought's that are usually found in other mangas - like "I can't be by his side" or anythiing like that.
The acceptance of the reality of their situation and the figurative language used to convey the purity and the depth of their love shows that even love that cannot be conveyed is beautiful.
My first thoughts after reading this were "Wow. This is a work of art."