Jul 21, 2011
Randomanon (All reviews)
I've got no idea as to why Xross Wars has been split into 2 series, but ok. I've found Xross Wars a very enjoyable series. The characters are quite interesting, the story's (although kinda cliché) pretty good, and so is the artwork. The sound section isn't always that good, but overall it's not too bad. I'm not really a hardcore digimon fan, although I've watched every series so far and enjoyed 'em a lot. The entire Digixros system is quite refreshing, the digivolving part began to get old after 5 series, excluding frontier, wich didn't contain any kind of digivolution in the first place. It has sort of made a comeback in this second part, but I don't really mind. Overall, I recommend this series, it's fun to watch. Don't expect anything dark though, digimon is still a series mainly made for children. (Except for Mervamon. She CAN'T have been made with a focus on children. Her main attack is sexy dynamite. Does that sounds like it's been thought up for children?) NOTE: The series is as of yet still ongoing, and the subbers a a bunch of lazy idiots. I know they do it for free and stuff, but 2-3 week delays is ridiculous, so when you watch more than 1 episode a week, you're bound to have to wait for several weeks for the next episode. My conclusion: (again) : Xross Wars is an enjoyable anime, so watch it. Even if you're no digimon fan, this one's pretty good. (If you love series like Death Note, this might not be your kind of anime though)