Jul 2, 2011
NightmareRWolf (All reviews)
alright swords of an honorable ruler, it's your turn to be reviewed. well damn, i have to say that in the story department, this movie had me hooked within minutes. it shows the back history between inuyasha, sesshomaru, their father(the mysterious but always talked about great dog demon inutaisho), and the human woman that brought inuyasha into the world izayoi. it gives an in action show and tells the complete story of the twin fang swords, tessaiga and tenseiga, and of the final only inutaisho himself could control sounga. this movie kept me on the edge of my seat and wide eyed with what was to come next. interesting and nail biting fights, drama, and a look into the role of the demon brothers together i'd never before seen. all and all, a great story line. the art, though not the same as the show itself, had a rather nice look in my opinion for the 2003 time animation and brought a sort of hd look to the classic inuyasha characters. the sound was great. original voice actors, fitting music typical of inuyasha, and sound effects that fit the time. i have always loved the inuyasha characters and this gives sometimes under minded "supporting" characters a new role even though it centers around inuyasha and sesshomaru. speaking of which, sesshomaru is a main character in this one and, as he is one of my favorite characters, i loved to see him brought into the spotlight with his brother. overall, i really enjoyed this movie, find it definitely worth re watching, and earns tens across the broad. as kagome would say, it's enough to impress this girl! ^.^