May 22, 2011
dj_taz (All reviews)
I first found a short clip of this hentai on a rondom webblog. I've been on the hunt for it since then for like 2 weeks. Had high hopes and expectations for it. And for me to be completely honest? quite a bit of a let down. Granted it's quite a nice hentai, but certainly not the top one's I would recommend.

It looks either quite an old anime or just low budget on animation. The only character I liked was the red head ninja, and the best scene was when she got raped but the grey skin samurai. The story I say isn't that brilliant, too complex and there's no real connection between every sub plots and events. On the brighter side? I'd say it's a good "overall" but no real peak in any particular points and factors. I liked the whole theme with ninjas and the ancient Japan, alot of good animes made fortunes on that subject. Maybe it's quite a let down since I've expected more from such a good base. I reckon if this is remade perhaps? get a better artist on the job of animation and picture quality, a better story with connections and less complex, and finish that rape scene! I was actually expecting the grey samurai to return in episode 2, but it never came.

But to be fair, I'd say if you don't have as much expectations as much as I did, you might actually enjoy it! It's a good 7/10 overall from me!