May 16, 2011
amukid08 (All reviews)
Detective Conan is beyond your average detective anime. What i mean "beyond your average" is that it definitely got "everything" in it. Likely said, it has the funny moments (Humors), it got also Love story (Romance),the Drama, silce of life they do have the very unique plots of stories some are based on the Mysteries (we have know of) and that you will soon know through watching the series, It will give you the thrills and chills because its more than just the crime scene or solving crime since there are storyline which people called arcs. It also let us know more of japan's culture and traditions, you could learn japanese as well (yeah, this is the only anime which i learn/know alot of japanese more than any other animes). You would know also the life of occupations of people in real life and for the overall, as the anime progresses it really gives you the satisfaction (even have movies,ovas,specials and magic files).

What's more fun about it, is that you can exercise your detective skills on who is the culprit on this case. If you got it right, thats a job well done for you and if not, you will get to improve yourself more and more.

The Story follows the adventures of Shinichi Kudo (also known as Jimmy Kudo in Case Closed) a Prodigious young detective who was inadvertently transformed into a child due to poison. It was all started when Shinichi Kudo was in suspicious of the two men dressed in all black. He went to investigate those persons in outskirts of Tropical Land, but only to find out unaware one of the suspicious man in blacks knocks him out from behind and gives him a prototype poison to kill him. And instead of dying because of that poison, it he made him shrinks down to the size of a seven year old. He was suggested by his close friend and Professor Agasa that must keep his identity secret because the Black Organization will kill him and others associated with him should they discover the truth. He will be renaming himself Edogawa Conan to hide his identity in order to protect his beloved ones. He later moves into Ran and Mouri Kogoro.

Even as Conan, he still continues in solving cases one after the other, He help build up Kogoro's reputation in hoping to find cases related to the syndicate called the Black Organization, who were responsible for his transformation in the first place.

Known as Case Closed & Meitantei Conan; Creator/Artist: Gosho Aoyama
Since: Anime: Jan 8, 1996 & Manga: Feb 4, 1994 (both on-going)

And as you can see the reasons of why i like it much is all written from above as you can read, in addition, its the only anime for me that is irreplaceable and have a big impact in my life and you can appreciate that being a detective is cool and fun work indeed :D and Gosho Aoyama, A+ on your work ,especially Detective Conan. The very 1st anime that i ever watch that has the longest ever (but it deserves to be)

Its an anime/manga for all ages. If ever you are new or old to anime/manga take a chance to watch or read it and you will see Just Give it a try.Up until now, i'm keep on watching it haha. so addicting and more new characters + more stories on it that will soon to unveil everything