May 13, 2011
hallanmeras (All reviews)
I am reviewing with only one volume read to give some impressions to future readers - will update as I read more.

This is a slowly developing, subtle story. Not an action or violence filled manga, pure drama. The main character is intriguing, a shy, unimposing, depressed samurai who has trouble holding a job. A change of pace from the typical samurai fare - and it makes it seem a bit more interesting - you know there had to be more than the honor bound fantastic warriors typically portrayed. I find myself curious as to what will happen next, and where the story will lead, but not in a "can't put it down" type of way. Supporting characters seem to be rounded well, and generate enough interest to balance the main plot.

The art is a bit weak for my taste. I consider it blurry, where I prefer crisp. The one action sequence so far was ill defined, I had no idea what had happened, had to piece it together from subsequent panels.

A solid effort, will continue reading - I have the second volume on order.