Apr 28, 2011
unicornize (All reviews)
I'm going to try and keep this sweet and simple.

Reading this story, I had no expectations. The story was alright. Knowing this was shoujo, I tried to think optimistically throughout the story and not get annoyed to a point I wanted to stop. The story was very predictable, and then again I say to myself-it's a shoujo. A 4 or 7 year old of course doesn't act as mature as Aram acted most of the time. I got confused about their ages especially. I'm going to guess that they're three years apart, even though the ages keep changing throughout the story. The only part I significantly enjoyed were the parts were Aram's reactions to his favorite anime, the Rangers.
The art was beautifully drawn, although I compliment all art.
The characters, once again, were unrealistic and in the back of my mind I couldn't image a seven year old being that committed to one woman. Let alone, think about women at that age. Airi annoyed be a bit, but she did have a bit of a backbone-so props for her.

In my opinion, overall, I would only read this if I was really bored. The story was absolutely cute in the beginning, but it just didn't workout for me in the end.