Nov 25, 2020
whylime (All reviews)
TL;DR: it's a solid 5 across the board. If cliched and predictable shoujo manga is your thing, you can perhaps give this one a read.

Looks like it's time to do my civil duty of writing a review of a manga that no one else really cares about. And since I'm deep into my trashy shoujo phase, I've somehow ended up here. Enter, Abe-kun ni Nerawaretemasu. The most average of shojo you can find, chock full of cliches and messy anatomy.

So, let's talk about it. I've read my fair share of shojo manga, since I am in fact Sad, Single, and Lonely. But Abe-kun honestly ended up feeling like a bit of a waste of my time. The plot does not even need to be described--you can honestly get the full experience by reading the plot synopsis on MAL, and filling in the average shojo plot points in your head. Every single story beat of this manga I have seen somewhere else.

There is nothing about Abe-kun that is new, exciting, refreshing, or even entertaining. Not that a manga HAS to be any of those things, but it simply brought nothing new to the table that would keep me reading for the long run. Plus, the art's awkward and inconsistent style left something to be desired. I'm no expert on male anatomy but I'm almost positive that it shouldn't look like THAT.

Abe (or, as he should be more formally referred to, Abs, since his entire personality seems to be built upon the six pack which he is flaunting practically every three panels) is supposed to be the swoon-worthy love interest, but reading this manga through I felt nothing more than mild contempt when I watched the two main characters flirt around each other. No, flirt isn't the right word, because whatever was going on with Abe was far more aggressive than that. This man does not seem to realize that no means no, and I was genuinely getting scared reading this damn manga. If Abe existed in real life you can bet I'd be bolting away from him because I do, in fact, value my life. There's no noteworthy characters apart from him, as Yae has the personality of a doormat and there haven't been too many other characters introduced.

Regardless... while the relationship is certainly not the healthiest or nicest to read about, it's not dumpster-fire standard yet. The Abe-kun manga's biggest drawback is simply how utterly mediocre it is. There's no particular category in which I felt this manga stood out. It was so genuinely average that I cannot even muster up strong feelings about the series. So, for fellow shojo degenerates like me, you could perhaps gain some enjoyment out of reading this manga, but otherwise, life will still go on if you don't.