Oct 29, 2020
TenshiTobacco (All reviews)
Somewhere in the Pierrot office

Yuuji Nunokawa (smoking a big black cigarette):
— Guys, we have a fucking ton of money from Naruto, Bleach, Black Clover, and other beloved and popular franchises. Any ideas about what should we do with them?
— Finally, give Black Clover a proper adaptation!
— Stop milking Boruto, I guess?
— How about Yona of the Dawn s2?

(sudden random sounds of violence)

Security (holding a gun):
— Sir, five hundred feral Tokyo Ghoul fans are assaulting our office right now, and all of them wanna talk with you about something. Maybe we should give them a real manga adaptation instead of root a?
Yuuji Nunokawa (stops smoking):
— Nice ideas, but I have something better in my mind. Listen here.

(making a call)

— Oh hi Kodaka. It’s Yuuji Nunokawa, Pierrot CEO. I played your danganronpa thing a week ago, and it’s pretty enjoyable. Can you give us 12-episode anime like this but in DYSTOPIAN KANSAI FUTURE? Cyberpunk 2077 was postponed again, and I have nothing to play.
— Yeah, but…
— I’ll give you a fucking ton of money.
— Ok. How many edgy characters do you need?
— Say no more.

Akudama Drive is one of the most enjoyable things that I watched this year. It’s illogical, it’s a bit retarded, it’s edgy — but it also doesn’t give a fuck about it at all, and that honesty is understandable. No annoying crybaby Japanese students, no boring fan service, and no dull plot twists — only awesome action and magnificent visual style.

Yeah, the animation here is surprisingly superb: combinations of 2D and CGI, stylish backgrounds, and well-done fights are nearby with the Ufotable level of greatness — and unlike the Fate franchise, people here don’t speak a lot while fighting. What? Characters development? Well-written story? Are you a fucking nerd or something? Shut up and enjoy a wild cyberpunk ride — or you will die soon. God bless Kodaka!