Apr 16, 2011
poppyroc (All reviews)
Story - 8

A very cute oneshot! It turned out to be different than I was expecting it to be when I started reading it. It refreshingly strayed from your typical shougo manga - you know the ones... where the unpopular girl tries really, really hard and never gives up and eventually get's the popular guy.

I also enjoyed that it didn't just follow the girl's perspective, we got to see the guy's perspective as well. We really got to see the characters' development throughout the story - which is pretty impressive considering it's only a oneshot! The story was just very cute without getting too sickly sweet!

Art - 8

The art was fine. Nothing about it stood out to me in a particularly negative or positive way. The images were all clear and easy to interpret.

Character - 7

While I liked the development of the characters, the girl is a bit annoyingly needy and shy. But!! Keep in mind, that's kind of the point of the story, so bear with it! She shows good character growth. The guy character was a bit more likeable to me.

Enjoyment - 9

I really enjoyed this short read! It was sweet and pulled on my heartstrings.

Overall - 8