Apr 14, 2011
MonjaElisa (All reviews)
There wasn't any Reviews added for this anime so I decided to make one myself..
To be quite honest, I watched the first anime in the Saishuu Shiken Kujira series and I really didn't like it.. moreover It kept me wondering what is happening here many times in the show.. Due to this I concidered dropping Saishuu Shiken Kujira Progressive. Seeing now after haing actually seen the show I am really happy i decided to give it a try. The way I see it the stories don't contain much alike exept from the one main character.. So anyways..

The story takes place as the main character Kuonji, Mutsumi just have moved back to a place they used to live before.. Not remembering much of this place exept that they used to live here once he goes to the park to remember what happened once.... He meets a young girl who is looking for a boy named Macchan. After awhile he tells the girl his real name and with that she comes to the conclusion he is Macchan. Who is this girl? and why does she know my nickname? Asmuch as he thinks about it after alot of though he remembers a girl in his past that was called Sacchan. And from here starts a LoveStory filled with Drama and Heartbreak you would have never Imagined.. Its a good story with a little slow start on it, However once you get into the storyline the romance will take you away..