Sep 16, 2020
Nicetoall (All reviews)
This is the first time I've written a review and I just wanted to say this anime is great! In the book. Because there's more detail and more of a purpose in reading it then watching it. When you watch the mango you sit there and be like why are they doing these things why are the characters so connected and your so confused and you can't connect with this character that they present you with you sitting there like "I really don't want to watch this." and that's how I felt when I watch this manga but I sat there and thought maybe this manga isn't so bad it's just the people that worked on this like TV production wise are just bad at putting out details so I went to go look this up and the book is more interesting and more funny then the actual show.

I recommend anybody that is watching this to please look up the book you will understand more why the characters are like this what drew me into this with episode 1 and I continue to watch it but it's pretty bad if you I just watching it and not reading it.

I guarantee you you will enjoy the book Reading it more Like i did. The TV show with absolute trash because it has a different story then the original and I don't know why they sent it like that but I guess they wanted to make a quick cash and grab. And that's what it seems like.

To anybody that's reading this I hope you have a wonderful day and continue to watch it or read it.♥