Mar 24, 2011
hikotaru (All reviews)
In a way, this movie was quite entertaining.
I've watched all Detective Conan movies and this one was particularly outstanding.
First things first. The director pulled another movie like "The Raven Chaser" off. There's action, Conan getting hurt, guns, and there's kid. This movie is dedicated to fans of the series rather than mystery fans.
The actual story was quite easy to guess. Halfway I already knew most details and the hints were overall way too easily exposed. But this isn't about solving a crime. Not this time.
In my opinion, this movie depicts Kid and Conan working together. Outwitting others. A lot of smirking, cool postures and epic scenes.
In my opinion, this makes it rather enjoyable. Even at a dead serious situation, Kid and Conan are hilarious.

Highly recommendable if you're a hard-core fan. Have been, it's the anime/manga of my youth. I basically grew up with it.