Apr 17, 2020
I went into this knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. I saw a meme and thought to myself "there's no way a show could be this simple..."
I ended up watching the whole thing in less than and hour.

That being said, I really don't understand what all the visceral hatred is about. It doesn't try to be anything spectacular and is short enough that I can't even imagine how anyone would get offended by it. It's so vapid, and cute that I laughed throughout each episode. It's mere existence provides me with such immense joy that after burning through some serious shows I can just turn my brain off for some harmless chibi fun. The animation is fine, the OP kinda slaps, the characters do have personalities albeit very stereotypical ones. It hits a lot of tropes, and doesn't take any risks but you know what? I loved it all the more for it.
I wanted to see how bad it could be but it actually made me smile.
Cute, short, harmless, sometimes a little heartwarming, and funny.
I will probably watch again, would support another season, and would recommend if your goal is just to have a quick stupid laugh.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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