Mar 26, 2020
Ashinxnight (All reviews)
Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun is a must watch for anyone who likes comedy with tear jerker moments and subtle romance, supernatural elements and mystery! Although the animation style is different and the art looks like it has chibi-ish designs, watch this show for it's supernatural story and character development.

Story is simple, Nene summons Hanako kun to grant her wish but ends up being his assistant instead. The story mainly revolves around the 7 mysteries of the academy which are the honest tear jerker moments executed nicely. The characters, Nene who is caring (she may get a little annoying but she has her moments), Hanako kun who is mischievous and carries a dark past and Kou who is a great friend are the best trio. The rest of the characters including the mysteries are important too. Sound is nice, I especially liked the ending.

There are not many bad things in this anime, only that the animation took time to get used to it. Overall I watched it cause of it's supernatural tag, but the emotional story lines of this anime was a surprise. Definitely recommended.