Mar 26, 2020
pieandchicken (All reviews)
[Note this review is done by someone who has never read the visual novels] Nekopara is a slice of life anime about cute catgirls doing cute things involving a cafe. It is just fluff from start to finish with no real stakes or adversity to mention. The plot is episodic, with a small overarching theme involving the new cat. I think personally it would have been more enjoyable to have been a short length anime of 15 minutes rather than 25, as there are a few scenes which do feel deliberately stretched. If you enjoy slice of life involving catgirls where there is no real drama or stakes this anime is for you. For everyone else I would reccomend watching the first episode, if you enjoy it then you will enjoy this series otherwise I would not personally recommend the time investment, especially given how many other good slice of life anime there are around these days.