Mar 25, 2020
Coldblood56 (All reviews)
Overall, the show's seasons fluctuate between very breathtaking to very confusing, but this season was enjoyable. It shows, like previous seasons, another couple that they need to help and towards the end, it leaves on a note that will lead to the next ( hopefully) season.

*******Minor (barely) spoilers for Bai Yuchu

I honestly don't know where the character development is going for the main character because now, he somehow looks like he got mad power that came out of nowhere. Last time I remember him, he was useless and had no power. Maybe that's just me because it's been awhile since I last seen this show.

Otherwise, I came for what I wanted like the previous seasons. If you like this series already, this season doesn't disappoint.

P.S. MAL, you gotta make sure this link/ page is accessible from the 7th season page because it's not on there. I had to search for this season my self (and honestly, wouldn't be surprised if no one saw this because this page can only be found is you searched for this in the search bar).