Feb 13, 2020
DePreSSion115 (All reviews)
this is my first review so bear with me, I saw that this manga had no reviews so I thought I would do one, no spoilers, Ill start with the story i give it a 7, there isn't much to the story, the main character (taiga) and a group of his friends walk into a cave and find a cave painting afterwards the cave starts falling in and they escape, but when they come out of the cave they find them selves around 40,000 years in the past, the story follows taiga and his friends as they survive in the world, there isn't much else to it so far. next is art i give it 8, it's not the best art you'll see but its quite good, you can tell whats going on and the characters have a unique design ,overall it's nothing special but it gets the job done. next is the characters i give it a 7.5, the characters aren't great but you will like them and/or hate them, the main character has a plain personality, but he does a lot of cool stuff and you grow to like him more and more, the side characters are likable but nothing special except for one of them and he is really annoying and you will want him to die, and there is small bit of romance between taiga and a girl who i think is very cute. finally is enjoyment, i give it 8.5 i found this manga very enjoyable, there are some really cool moments, the main character is likable as are the side characters, and there is also fun facts about animals and the time period it takes place in so you are also gaining knowledge, if you read holy land which was also made by the same mangaka the information sections about martial arts are the same here except its about animals and survival techniques, overall i give it a score of 8, i think it is a good read and you should give it a try, at the beginning it is boring but it get's interesting quite fast.