Dec 9, 2019
Heromo (All reviews)
This is fairly a amazing work. I will keep this short to be a introduction rather than a full review, To put it simple, it interesting and enjoyable. Nothing overwhelming but enough to earn my love for it. With the major factor is this is one man animation. Yep, the dude work on this alone, and this movie suppose to be release in 2009. But actually the long hiatus due to the creator worked with the Digimons Tri movies. So next sequel won't take another 10 years, or let pray it won't

All you need to know is it a sci-fi with monster battle. Like Pokemon but set in a normal world where these creature's origin still a mystery for even the master.
A fun adventure and keep my interest to stick around whatever this drive will lead to. I am all in

Now let talk about the animation: This is what how the animation should done. It is not really anything new here, common old method. What i mean is the strong key frame and the right timing for the eye can catch and see the movement. This is something most of anime lacking. So it is not something revolution but definitely unique.

It worth a watch. And knowing the detail behind the work, as someone who also choose to this entertainment business, or more flashy: artist. I really want to suppose this work