Nov 30, 2019
Vi-h (All reviews)
I do love yuri. So of course I would be tempted by this manga.

Basically, this is an only girls hentai manga and I would say kind of unique.

There are 3 girls in total, each of them has a fetish / sexual hobby in specific.

This has a small build up, which is a nice thing in my opinion. But author-san decided to add something else that really........ displeased me.

It was so nice until the end of chapter 4-5. It was an easy 9/10, that was until author-san decided to add a 3rd party.

The problem here wasnt the 3rd party itself, but how the author-san decided to move on things, by adding relationship matters here.

Of course some wont even be bothered by it, but if you have empathy and somewhat sensitve it might bother you and so you wont have the same fun as you were having before.

Anyway, this manga really shines until chapter 4-5. Then after that it isnt the same anymore.
That is one of those times that some will be wondering "why..."


First 4/5 chapters = 9/10
Chapters 6, 7 and the extra = 5/10
There is another chapter which is a side story = nothing special.