Oct 30, 2019
Synchronisity (All reviews)
Less isekai more of a gag show. While every season brings in a deluge of cliché isekai genre, this one surely takes the cake when it comes to comedy and ridiculous action scenes. Make sure to keep your brain in airplane mode before watching it because that is how you are going to enjoy this series.

Plot wise, this anime is mediocre or below average at best. MC represents that typical mmorpg player who grinds endless hours in training/low level zone to farm experience points. What sets this show apart is the companion our mc has i.e. Rista. The goddess Rista here is truly the Swiss Army knife of facial expressions. Her reactions are what makes this anime complete imo and amplifies the reactive comedy that viewers seek. Overall her seiyuu Aki Toyosaki has done an amazing job.

I dig the OP. MYTH & ROID never fails to deliver and the catchy music is something that will definitely loved by everyone. While the ED is good, the terrible cgi definitely made it worst. I guess the studio is trying to bank into dance genre to raise hype. It was certainly a turn off for me. Others may like it.

As for art, there is nothing special or ground breaking. It is similar to what other shows have offered in past.

Overall I will definitely recommend everyone here to give this show a try. Rista's character and Toyosaki's voicing has definitely got me hooked to this show and I am really looking forward to next episode.