Sep 27, 2019
Pragyan1 (All reviews)
I used to be an agnostic, but this anime has turned me into an atheist. Seriously, look at this abomination and tell me there’s a god. Where did we go wrong? I had just started forgiving JC Staff for OPM S2, but now my anger and disappointment, mainly disappointment, have been rekindled.

Okaasan online which is better known as “Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Nikai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desuka” which roughly translates to “This is a light novel adaptation”, is an anime about a guy being transported to another world. You might be thinking, “OK, it’s another one of those”, but don’t be hasty because there’s a twist – it’s about a boy who gets transported to another world along with his mom. What a twist, right? This new world is made for a mother and her child to embark on an adventure and become closer to each other in the process. Ergo, the protagonist and his mom are transported to another world in order for them to reconcile and appreciate each other’s presence more.

It’s an OK premise, but the execution is absolutely horrendous. Filled with clichés, insipid comedy and your usual harem setup, whatever enjoyment could’ve been found is lost. The plot heavily relies on oversaturated tropes and fanservice. The characters have no personality of their own and their characterisation relies on the setting instead of being the other way around. I will not be getting into the fanservice aspect of this show in this review. All you need to know about it is that it is probably a degenerate weeb’s Milf fantasy.

The main cast of characters consists of your quintessential unsophisticated harem protagonist and his mom, a tsundere, a loli and another weird character all of whom don’t contribute anything to make the setting interesting. There’s one more annoying recurring characters called Shirase who makes garbage puns for the sake of dry and bland comedy.

The characters really get as banal as they can. The tsundere girl, Wise, is basically a tsundere girl, nothing more, nothing less. The pink haired loli, Porter, basically annoys you with her Helium infested voice. Medhi is a pathetic excuse for a character. It feels like no character has a free will of their own and are just following in the footsteps of their ancient counterparts that have been seen about a billion times in other anime.

Masato is practically a useless character as he’s only used for slapstick comedy and for worthless virgins to project themselves upon; and he’s the protagonist. Mamako, Masato’s mom is just an irksome heap of tits, ass and seizure inducing voice. Speaking of seizure inducing voice, the voice actors try their best to produce the most painful voice that they can. Every character sounds like someone scratched a blackboard with their fingernails. The voice acting is pure cringe. Whenever I don’t like a character in a movie or anime I express my anger on the character as I know that the actors and voice actors are just playing the roles they’re given, but, Mamako’s cringy af voice makes me want to punch the voice actress in the face. But, then again I should perhaps direct my anger towards the writer.

The comedy is deplorable. The author probably watched a bunch of harem and isekai anime and tried to parody them but utterly failed. First of all, let’s talk about the most annoying character in the anime – Shirase, whose name means “to inform” in Japanese. After hearing the puns she makes on her name, it required an enormous amount of effort from my side to not punch my laptop to death. After hearing those puns, I regret learning Japanese because I understood the puns in more detail than I would have had I not learnt Japanese. Rest of the comedy is situational which requires a good line delivery, but there was nothing of that sort. Felt like the voice actors just gave up and uttered the lines just for the sake of uttering them.

The lines are insipidly delivered with no regards to the characters’ emotional state. Makamo always sounds cringy, Masato always sounds like a basic bitch, Wise is always stuck up, Medhi has as much personality as a white board and I don’t really know how Porter sounds because I had to lower the volume whenever she spoke as I don’t have the mental or physical strength to endure her Helium infected loli voice.

The music is bland and I was really pissed when they didn’t play Sweet Home Alabama even once. The animation is basic.

I don’t even know what I expected from this show and I’m shocked and disappointed in myself, mostly disappointed, for having finished this show.