Sep 11, 2019
TheZilla (All reviews)
THIS IS A MUST WATCH!!! Is what I would say if I was one of those commercial companies. Like, I mean, if you love Tenki no Ko so much that you'd watch the advertisements as well then go ahead. It really won't use much of your time, only 30 seconds per commercial ad you watch.

The sound is pretty dope since they used the OSTs in the advertisements and the OST is by the one and only RADWIMPS. If you don't mind a bit of commentary over the music, that's of course.

Honestly though, MAL somehow loves to put commercials on their page like it's normal to offer people an option to add a commercial into their list. (Well, this boy here has just done it.) It doesn't reveal anything new, however, the Softbank advertisement was quite cute and I actually recommend you to just use 30 seconds to watch it. Perhaps, I might buy some Nissin noodles when I see one now thanks to the ad.