Sep 9, 2019
Cecylb (All reviews)
To begin with, I didn't expect much from this format. It isn't supposed to be deep and serious.
But despite that, there should be at least some quality standards.
At first, I wanna talk about the "story". Everything is solely made for one purpose: to force the drama, and seeing all the common sense being sacrificed for that is kinda unpleasant. All the characters are constantly "accidentally" meeting each other like they're all living in one small room. Things like that are common for such format, but this manga takes it to a whole new level. Some parts of the "story" are too rushed (any of the parents meetings), some are going too slow (the whole thing about "keeping it a secret"). As a result, the whole thing feels awkward and makes me feel like quit reading it.
Characters are very mediocre, can't really say much about that. What I want to say that even they were dragged into the drama forcing thing. Or should I say, that some of them were created exactly for that? I mean, it's fine, everyone does that, but what about not making it so screamingly obvious?
About the "comedy" part... It's so unfunny that I want to cry instead. Making fun of some naive male co-worker because he doesn't have a single chance is cruel. I know, there's a hidden lesson here, but making fun of it is inhuman.
In conclusion, we have forced drama, forced characters, and forced comedy. It's still cute what makes it less painful to read, but that's it.