Aug 11, 2019
DRNO1D (All reviews)
Blue Giant is pretty outstanding. Dai's story is only a dream to most, finding a loving passion and take it to the extreme, to challenge the best of the best. Dai's passion for jazz is realistic and emotional that it keeps me invested even when he fails and makes his successes that much more intriguing.

Blue Giant's art is not the most breathtaking it does lack in certain departments sometimes the characters themselves. Although the author, Ishizuka Shinichi, does a fantastic job of expressing Dai's music with harsh lines, character reactions, and Dai's expressions and feelings. The characters especially the side characters are amazing. The best character has to be Yui, Dai's instructor, he's extremely blunt and rude but his intentions are goodwill to help Dai.

Overall I found Blue Giant to be similar in both story and enjoyment to the movie Whiplash. I have high hopes for this manga.