Jul 5, 2019
Ser_Junkan (All reviews)
[Spoiler free Review]

This is your typical harem/ light novel route anime that exist so much nowadays.
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now after that cancerous looking setup, illl get onto the review.
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai or "We Never Learn" follows the story of the young high school boy Yuiga that comes from a financially troubled family and has too teach 3 girls that excel in certain topics but have a horrifying grade in others so he can get free college funding.
Its pretty much you typical high school setup without any edginess (thank Þór for that).
The art is bright simple and warms the heart and the show has a pretty satisfying looking CGI blended opening without the song being anything special.
On the topic of sounds its pretty basic all things considered but it felt comfy so ill let it slide vs the sword art online style of sounds.
The characters are all and well and Yuiga the dense mf he is has the options of (In personal preferred order) 1. Kirisu the totally kinky teacher. // 2. Furuhashi The living thesaurus // 3. Ogata the 5318008 math goddess. // 4. Takemoto The Baywatch babe. // 5. And Kominami the medical maid.

Overall i would say that i enjoyed the show and its good as a basic show to watch and it will go pretty well with any sweet cold drink you have.

Overall (7)
[Story:5 // Art:7 // Sound:7 // Characters:9 // Enjoyment:9]