Jun 5, 2019
Straysan (All reviews)
One month before the release of Danmachi season 2, they give us a movie preview, I was able to attend, and as i only watched it once, it is not impossible that I might forget details or make a mistake.

First we will start with the scenario, honestly it's a very unoriginal scenario, starting on a new quest from the moment Bell was chosen by a weapon. I find that the plot is also far too predictable,there is also some fan service scene, probably for the comedy side. The movie being released as a preview I do not prefer to give too much detail on the story.

Regarding the animation, it is not bad but also nothing exceptional, the fight scenes are not incredible or even bad, including the fight against Antares (who is animated in 3D) but maybe a certain scene can give more than interest to the movie. The sounds, like the animation, is also nothing impressive, quite trivial OST.

Finally characters, I personally think that this is the biggest highlight of the movie (maybe you do not agree with me), in my opinion, Artemis is the one that gives the most meaning to this movie, it's a character unique to the movie, but also the one I find most endearing of all Danmachi. I hover over the details, just to tell you, where are the interesting points and where are they not, without spoil you.

In my opinion this movie is clearly not to look absolutely, but if you are a fan of Danmachi, you will probably like it so if you had not enjoyed the first season, you probably do not appreciate this movie.

Although it is a review I avoid a maximum of spoil since many people read the reviews to decide to look at it or not.

Story: 5, Art/Animation: 5, Sound: 6, Character: 8, Enjoyment: 7.

I hope I don’t have too much writing error…