May 19, 2019
YukkieTS (All reviews)
*Contains small existence of spoilers.
"The once you who had always the heart of sword, yet now... You've lost it."

This animation was quite special existence. Most of Fox spirit Matchmaker was about a demon with a human. But this one was about a human with another human's romance. At first, both of them are like some first time dating couples. It was so cute. But in a recent episode, something falls on the man and caused him to change. He did marry the woman, but their relationship quite changes a lot. It was so sweet and cute before something happens to the man. But it doesn't mean that the man doesn't love the woman anymore, but it more like more focus on his goal than his time for his wife.

Finally, the ending had revealed in the last episode. It was so heartwrenching at the scene where her wife, Huai Zhu sacrificed for him. She had already known that her pregnancy was dangerous, yet she still wants it, in the end, she left behind his husband and newborn child. It was so sad!!!! T///T. But this season is so good. I love it. I wouldn't say what happened in the end. I think you might have seen it. Well, see you again HuaiZhu and BaYe!!! >///<

The score for this animation:
Story: 9
Art: 8
Sound: 9
Character: 9
Enjoyment: 9