May 11, 2019
Valamo (All reviews)
In this movie, we do not find the same characters as in Grisaia no rakuen. Consequently characters who made the grisaia’s show like yuuji are really missing.
This show is just 40 minutes of uninteresting and predictable story. One more time all the characters are girls (except Aoi) and story is then filled of fan service and unnecessary scene that made the show a bit boring.
This movie is clearly bad compared to its predecessors.

The only positives aspect are: the animation that is well done and the music that I find interesting.
Dissociate from grisaia no rakuen, it makes a good original story, but in the grisaia’s universe this wasn’t necessary.

In the first movie, the story take place several years after grisaia no rakuen event. We follow the story of many students of the Mihama academy, a “secret” school where the government trains assassin. The story begins after the arrival of a new teacher.
This teacher is going to be in charge of the SORD. After witnessing a traffic, this teacher will be kidnapped by a criminal organization, so his students will leave to save her.
The story seems interressing but the action goes too fast, we do not have time to enjoy it.