Apr 24, 2019
AllanShem_dono89 (All reviews)
Mangaka: "You guys want a Spy story?"
Otakus: "Ughhhh, really? Bet it's going to be digustingly cliched."
Mangaka: "Well, let's reverse the personality roles."
Otakus: "Okay? Let's go home guys."
Mangaka: "You sure? I have an esper loli to spare. Oh! I also have an ultra-sexy hitman and a guy tsundere."
Otakus: "You what???"
(Weebs have entered the chat)
Weebs: "Give me that!"
(Mangaka offers this)
Otakus and Weebs: "Oh shit! You right fam!"

The manga world have been dominated by the ISEKAI genre that injects every people with the it's-so-repetitive-I-want-throw-up plot but people still eat and read the shit no matter what. Almost every update, there's nothing new to fill the table, but dark-horses really like to show up from the shadows. That dark horse may be fairly new, but the bar for the unprecedented potential is there. It may be basically a Mr. and Mr. Smith approach, but goddamn, it's unique! Spy X Family a read entertains it's readers not just for the aesthetics, but also for the appeal and really comedic story the manga has to offer.

Spy X Family basically has two things: 1) No matter what your job is, raising a kid is still the hardest and 2) Every plan can be executed even without a plan.
Logically speaking, the manga has believable scenarios especially portraying how underground work works. Developing a nice pace and it's really enjoyable. Also having a kid is a pain in the ass, but having an esper kid? You can plead for help.

No action is wasted frame by frame and page to page. The artist is really good at giving life to the work while the readers can follow the story without getting confused. The romance scenes are on the spot with the "sparkles-sparkles" moments and it's basically eye-candy.

What else can I say? A moe kid that can do supernatural shit? That what I signed up for! If you are a fan of Saiki, Hinamatsuri, and Mob Psycho, there's no short of supply in terms of comedy in this one. The whole story gave the enjoyment I wanted since I've been reading alot of rom-coms nowadays.

Overall, this is outstandingly impressive. I RECOMMEND THIS PIECE OF ART TO EVERYONE!