Apr 19, 2019
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Jackass!: Sawatte Ii tte Dare ga Itta yo? Review
-Jackass! Who said it was okay to touch?
By: Beriko Scarlet
January 30, 2019

Overall: 6.8

Plot: 6

There are few stories who tackles the topic ablut having a fetish, or so I think? There are things you will be really attracted to, something that if it will caught your eye, you will have a hard time turning your gaze back. It's rather amusing to see people like that, in which in this case, the fetish of the protagonist is somewhat interesting? This one focuses on the friendship of two guys and how they come to end up being together because of an unexpected liking that will suit each of them. But! I'm more inlove with the side story of their friend and its love for their teacher. Sensei and student relationship is just too lovable.

Characters: 6

The protagonists of the story is unique in a very odd way. A rich brat who always get what he wants, with a smile always plastered on his face. And another one with a face of a yakuza but with a heart like a girl. What really caught my eyes is the secondary character who really looks like tsukishima of haikyu but way smaller. He is cute and innocent. He is the only character who know love best, in my opinion.

Art: 9

I've really search the author of this story. First is tsukishima. Second is the protagonist of the story who really looks like the main character in Yuri on Ice. But yeah, they are a different person, I just thought they are the same. The art is cool and kind of wild? The expression of the characters when full of malice are just too good.

Enjoyment: 7

The fetish of the protagonists is just way too funny. Like "Is it for real?" or "Are you serious?". And how the other one ride on that thought is really absurd. It's a short story and it won't take up too much time to read.

Ending: 6

The ending is predictable the way the story is running. Bestfriends falling inlove and such only has one way out, to end up with each other. Well, all is well. And they live happily ever after!