Apr 14, 2019
ReLIFE (Manga) add (All reviews)
-Lupa- (All reviews)
I'm not sure what I expected out of this manga, but it definitely wasn't something as introspective, compelling, and well-written as this. I very rarely rate anything a 10, but I felt like this manga definitely merited that score.

-Story: The concept itself wasn't too original. There are a good many other manga/anime where the characters "turn back time" to have fun or fix past mistakes. However, the execution of that storyline was very well done in ReLIFE. The pacing was great and the story was nicely fleshed out. You do have to suspend disbelief for how the whole "relife" process happens in order to really enjoy the story. If you start to think too much about how it happens, especially how the memory loss is supposed to happen afterwards, you'll find yourself thinking "wait....what?" If that sort of unrealistic plot device is something that bothers you, then you may not enjoy this manga nearly as much as I did. That being said, it didn't bother me because this story isn't really about the mechanics of the ReLIFE process, it is about character growth and relationships. And, that is where is manga really excelled....

-Characters: So many well-developed characters. The story starts out from a male perspective, but by the middle it is equally split between the male and female perspective. Not only are the main characters well-written, but the supporting characters are also fully fleshed out. With the story set in high school, I wasn't really sure what the tone would be like, and how it would compare to other school life manga. While there was definitely a strong comedic aspect to the story, and it did put the characters in a lot of the standard high school scenarios (cultural festival, exams, ferris wheel, etc), the focus was the regrets, restrospection, and growth of the older characters. The MCs are 28/29, and as someone similar in age, I found them to be very relatable. The issues and regrets that they experienced inspired a lot of introspection in myself as well while I was reading. The characters and their struggles made me feel very emotionally attached to them, and a large part of the story was very bittersweet. I felt that the growth of the characters happened at a very realistic pace, and was the most enjoyable part of the story.

-Art: The art was enjoyable - if you have read other webtoons, it will feel very familiar. Reading a webtoon, to me, often feels very similar to looking at stills from an anime. If you haven't, it may take a little while to adjust to the long strip format. That being said, I've personally come to prefer that format over time, because it frees up the artist to be more creative in how the scenes are laid out (and I've been spoiled by the full color aspect). If you like this manga, I highly recommend that you search out other webtoons to read - there are a lot of really high quality ones out there, and MAL omits most of them from its database, unfortunately. My only complaint about the art is how the author portrays the difference between the characters in their teenage vs adult forms - to me, their appearance (especially in the face) was too similar.