Apr 10, 2019
ActionManonAnime (All reviews)
After the success of The Time-Bombed Skyscraper, the movie staff made plans to make the next movie bigger and better by having it center on serial attacks on the people close to Mouri Kogoro. Figuring out who's going to be the next target is very fun. Not only that, but aspects from Kogoro's past come to light that forces Ran to question her father's character(although, people may find the truth behind it easy to figure out). All of these things make The Fourteenth Target such a treat to watch. That said, I feel like a lot of the choices the main characters make are pretty dumb(e.g. was it really a good idea to use an elevator in a building that's falling apart?!). A lot of trouble could've easily been avoided if they were just a little smarter(which they're supposed to be). While the first half was very fun, people might get a little bored in the second half with very little action taking place. Despite these gripes, I still had a very good time watching The Fourteenth Target and would definitely say it is a very fun Detective Conan movie.