Mar 14, 2019
VictoriaLoves (All reviews)
The title of the anime basically sums up its message. When you love someone, you have to be brave enough to tell them. The romance between Yamato and Mei is sweet and gentle, taking it's time to develop, and I think the relationship and the story are all the better for it. There are definitely some of the typical manga/anime cliche's here, conflicts for the sake of conflicts, etc., but they don't bring the story down. If anything, the way these cliche's and conflicts are handled make the story better. My only complaint? The last episode was very cute and enjoyable, but probably not the best one to finish the series with. But that's really a minor complaint considering how enjoyable this series is overall.

At first, the characters seem rather stereotypical, but after spending some time with them, you find that they are anything but. They are incredibly real and 3 dimensional and full of life. They have real struggles, real fears, real weaknesses, and real strengths, and I thoroughly loved all of them.

The art style is very simple and clean and understated, which I really like. When you have a story with the kind of slow, patient pacing as this one, you don't want to be flashy or over the top. The overall art style fits the overall message and pacing of the anime to a T.

In Conclusion::
I won't say this is one of my favorite anime's, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. From reading the comments on crunchyroll, I noticed a number of people seemed to be disappointed by the lack of a real conclusion to the series. While I do think the final episode wasn't the best one to end on (I loved it, but if it had been placed before the next to the last episode, I think it would have worked much better in the series), I don't mind the overall ending to the anime. The manga series is still ongoing, and an open ended ending to the anime means the possibility of continuing the story in further episodes. Which I certainly wouldn't complain about.