Mar 10, 2019
Preliminary (47/? chp)
Graineliers is a relatively promising manga, with a rather interesting concept of seeds and plant growing. 47 chapters in and I don't really know where the story will go from here - but the concept interests me enough and I think it has the potential to go in various interesting directions from here.

The art is as I expected, nice. I do like the character designs too, but the similarity of hair can sometimes get confusing to me if I don't pay attention and the colours are similar. However, as I said I really do like the general art and designs and I think it is a plus point for the manga.

I first got interested when I saw the art and that it had a decent amount of chapters. Unfortunately, many of the chapters are really short, even shorter than what I'll expect from a weekly serialized manga. And oddly, it doesn't even end on cliffhangers or anything, but the chapters just end abruptly and continue as if there were no break in between for the next chapter. I do not think the chapters got split into half or anything, so it is really weird. It might pose a problem when reading a new chapter after a while, so there might be a need to check the last few pages of the previous chapter. The short chapters also mean the story hasn't progressed that fast despite expectations, but otherwise the pacing is more or less good based on the number of pages.

The characters are decently interesting. Not exactly that they are colourful personality wise, but they are people whose stories one would find rather interesting to follow. Most of all, I enjoy a story with good friends and want to see how the plot will affect the fate of these two. Individually though, they are not particularly impressive, but as a whole I think they have the potential to develop greatly based on the actions they take over the course of the story.

Much of the story still leaves me in the "I don't know what to expect yet" phase. It's pretty nice and enjoyable to follow along and be as clueless as the characters themselves, and has the potential to have a nice plot, but for these things it's also hard to judge until all the major points are revealed. It has decent reading enjoyment though, and I'm interested in knowing what's going to happen to the characters next. That's a plus.

Overall, it's something that has a nice idea that feels different from the usual flashy powers or very dark stuff. It's a bit early to tell, but it could turn out well in the future. For now, it's sufficiently intriguing and the art is pretty to look at, so it's not a bad read at all, enjoyment wise. However you might also want to come back a bit in the future and check other reviews to see if the story is getting along well or not.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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