Mar 6, 2019
Rytakahashi09 (All reviews)
So, at last the long story of one of the most gullible female MC in the world, Nogizaka Haruka, has meet its end. It wasn't indeed a smooth journey and as a romcom fan i rather like this anime, but of course there are still flaws.

The anime overall (Season 1 up to the end) was what i can say a downfall. Season 1 started very promising. The male MC was not as dense as i thought and Haruka was, despite her denseness, indeed very lovable as a character. There were lots of cute moments between the 2 and even with the absence of love confession from either of them i find their relationship already satisfying enough. Well of course to keep the relationship moves on either one of them has to confess their feeling, which i thought would happen in season 2. But no, season 2 got even more dragged along with lovey dovey moments from the 2 and with an addition of dramas and cliches at the end of it i wasn't sure that this anime is as good as it was in the first season anymore. Season 3 got us finally a conclusion, but again the cliches added to it was even worse than season 2 and i could almost feel cringe just like when i watched rubbish shoujo animes. And in at the last episode i was just like "Thats it? I watched all those seasons only for this one f*cking scene?", it was rather unsatisfying because i thought there would be at least a bit more after story development.

Overall this anime's recipe was pretty outdated for a romcom, but i still pretty much enjoyed it. The comedic and cute moments were all there. If it wasn't get dragged along too much with all those cliches it would've been a very good romcom anime series. 6/10