Feb 8, 2019
mafd12 (All reviews)
English isn't my native language, so you may find some redaction mistakes; anyway, I'll try to do my best in this review.

- This review contains spoilers -

¡Wow! That's everything I have to say after 5 episodes.
Ok, that was all for today, I hope my review was helpful...

Letting the bad jokes aside.

Seriously, this 5 episodes have made a really impressive job, have taken all the elements built up in the first season, have understood some of the problems that had in the past, and all this is added to some new elements; in that way, they're have been able to better the elements they were carrying from the first season, along with some new things which complement them really fine.

Just with the first episode we were able to see that things was going in the rigth direction, with a few new elements introduced and some which was already established, the series gave us a great scene: the end of episode 1, the novel scene, where we saw to Mob letting flow his feelings and taking actions for those whom his cares, a great scene where we saw character development induced by a new element (Emi) but using an old element (Mob's insecurities).
This goes the same way in the rest of the season till today, where the center of the story is Mob's internal conflict about what are the correct things to do, one example of this is in the episode 3, where he has to exorcise a death family but only thing they want is to rest in peace, here his morality is challenged and, with the help of Reigen, he finish deciding that the correct thing is to let them live.
In episode 4, we see the case of Minori Asagiri, a girl who is possessed by the spirit of a corrupt psychic, Mogami Keiji, who used his powers for own benefits in life, here we see two interesting things: Mob, for first time in the whole series, is already beaten in a psychic battle, and Keiji implants the idea that they aren't too diferent, that in similar situations they would make the same things, and for proofing it, he decides to manipulate Mob's mind to make him pass for bad situations, here begins the epiosde 5, where we see a miserable version of Mob's life, where he finishes for losing the control and hurting other people, but although all the bad things, and with the help of Ekubo, maintains his thinking about the psychic powers not beeing used for personal achievements, reaching this challenge and finishing the exorcism. As seen in all the season, his morality was challenged, this time was forced till extreme but he stayed in his principles; a really good treatment for his character during this 5 episodes.
Without a doubt, the character development is the strongest point in this season, although it has been mainly centered to Mob, we have saw just a little of it in the other characters, but there are still 8 episodes forward, so maybe it's just question of time to see a treatment in the rest of the cast. The story has been simple, as in the first season, but it has worked outstandingly, first episode was really good for introducing themes and questions and the 4 episodes after it have worked very well with those established elements; besides, the story this time is darker, we still have some pretty good comedic moments, but the atmosphere is much more dense and it's in its heaviest moments that this season shines.

In the technical side, Bones has done again a great work, the animation follows the same style, even if this time isn't as various as first season, with great scenes like the figth in the farm, the novel scene or the psychic battle against Keiji. The music is exceptional, using some pieces from the first season but also some news, I have been repeating the melody of the novel scene in my head since it was aired, simply beautiful; furthermore, although for me aren't as good as the firsts, the opening "99.9" and the ending "Memosepia" are really catchy songs which fits very well with the style of the show.

What we've got from Mob Psycho 100 II has been enough for consider it as an excelent second season, I hope it maintains the quality it has had in these episodes or, why not, reach it.