Aug 26, 2010
Aurao (All reviews)
When I added this OVA to my Plan to Watch list I was expecting a ecchi comedy with the main female characters from the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime, and I wasn't disappointed.

Story: 6
There isn't really a story in this OVA. But what else would you expect from a 4 min. OVA? Kuroko is trying to get Misaka's love attention again, witch is not something new if you've seen the original anime. Only this time she's trying to do it with something that reminded me of a beach OVA of another anime...
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Art: 7
I liked the art, just like in the original anime.

Sound: 8
Nothing much to say about this, it's just well-done.

Character: 8
The characters are acting the same way as in the original anime, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

Enjoyment: 8
Aside from some less fan service in the end, it was quite enjoyable.

Overall: 8
Girls in swimsuits who are behaving strange for some reason, together with Kuroko's ''normal'' behavior... It was short, but very funny.