Jan 13, 2019
matthigh (All reviews)
Yup, this is an Eighties OVA alright. You can practically make a list of stereotypical eighties gimmicks and ideas and check them off the list one by one as you are watching.

On the surface, it's the story of a young, reckless, blue-haired girl and her goofy-looking, goofy-acting sidekick traipsing about the different dimensions as bounty hunters. But, turns out they are more than they seem. She's more than just there for the panty-shots; with the power of a magical jewel in her headdress, her hair turns pink and she gains...superpowers? Not sure what those superpowers are, other than she gets a sword and shield and becomes stronger...I think. And her goofy sidekick is basically an anime version of Wonder Twin Jayna, able to turn into any animal (especially a goofy-looking dragon).

First episode they go after some Big Bad and, of course (this is the eighties, remember?) end up in a wrestling ring. In the second episode, Big Bad returns and we get into his origin story. Third episode, Big Bad becomes even bigger and badder, and we learn more about Ms. Blue-Haired-Generic-Eighties-Girl and Goofy-Sidekick, and it's up to them to safe the universe. OF COURSE.

It's a complete story from beginning to end (with satisfying resolution), but the actual story elements are not going to win any writing awards. The artwork is, to put it mildly, uneven. First episode is fine, with pretty standard eighties character designs and decent animation. Second episode, is remarkably WORSE, they must have run out of money and scraped the bottom of the barrel with the animation staff, because it's downright unwatchably bad. Third episodes is....better, for the most part, but somewhat uneven.

And after three episodes, it's over, and has largely been forgotten in the depths of time. The only real thing that makes it stand out from the dozens upon dozens of other similar OVAs of the time, this was by Go Nagai (go figure!). But even with that, this is barely a footnote in the annals of anime. If even that much.