Jan 3, 2019
-Lupa- (All reviews)
The first few chapters of this manga really pulled me in - I loved the main cast of characters and the premise of the story. Belca, Orcelito, and Kiliko in particular were fun to read about as they developed over time. Eco, on the other hand, was a character with a very interesting background who intrigued me a lot initially, but over time he seemed to be reduced to a characature of himself. I did enjoy that the story wasn't overtaken by romantic interactions.
The final third portion of the manga became increasingly difficult to follow (as the manga began to jump around in location and the time line more often, and as more supporting characters were added). I also felt like the ending was a little anticlimactic. If the manga had ended with the same strength that it had begun with., I would have rated it a 9. Overall, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a story with politics and world-building.