Aug 17, 2010
kingw0rm (All reviews)
This is my first review. I simply had to get my thoughts out about this. I can safely say this is the best thing I have ever read, and that includes all other manga, novels, etc.

So, I'm just going to get to the point and tell you why this was so great-

-The story was really engaging, even from the beginning. I became hooked fast, and ended up finishing all 13 volumes in 2 days. The story is filled with twists, and the outcome is never determinable... you just have to keep reading in order to find out! It definitely had me hooked, and I doubt I'd be the only one.

-The art. Very good style, the grittiness is perfect. It goes along so well with the feel of the story. Even if you don't like the style, upon reading you would agree that the art is very fitting, and couldn't be better!

These factors alone made the enjoyment factor an absolute 10. I have no idea what the rating would be if you rated it objectively based on the different factors involved... that's not how I do things. I was blown away, so it deserves a 10 in my book. I loved every second I spent reading.

If you are a Kaiji fan, definitely read this. And if you aren't, and just happened to stumble upon this review, then I highly recommend you watch the anime and then read this manga. It is an experience like no other.