Dec 17, 2018
In a nutshell, it is a boy's power fantasy about saving the world with special transforming weapons.

Set in the distant future of 1995, where there are hovercars and organic skyscrapers and fashions out of Space 1999 and swanky pads torn from the pages of Jonny Quest, and space shuttle fleets at the ready.

Tsutomu is the son of a scientist who believes in aliens, but is ridiculed by his peers. He befriends some stray dogs, who are then killed by insect-like aliens trying to kill his father. So, the next day, Tsutomu's father turns the dogs into powerful cyborgs, each with a different special scientific ability (like laser ray eyes), and can combine to form a flying craft known as "Liner".

When the aliens attack the planet, causing Mt. Fuji to erupt and ultimately the Moon to self-destruct, it's up to Tsutomu and his four cyborg dogs to save the entire world. Without a moment's hesitation, he's off!

It's the special sort of cheesy that you can only get from 1970's anime. Boy Saves World, and all is well.
Reviewer’s Rating: 3
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