Oct 12, 2018
EggheadLuna (All reviews)
The original Casshern is much different than the “cool, moody” version of the series that was stylistically conceptualized in Casshern Sins. While darker than the typical Tatsunoko series, Casshern is pretty much like a cyborg version of Adam West’s Batman or more accuratelyーa copypasta Megaman, because that game series obviously borrowed many of its designs and aesthetics from Casshern! There are way too many similarities to say otherwise!

• In a world ruled by the evil Braiking Boss and his evil, robotic minionsーbattling these heinous foes is a tremendous burden; with the risk of Casshern foregoing his humanity at the helm, a more accurate description of the cataclysmic fight against the powers that be is more explicitly described in Casshern’s near-episodic catchphrase of, “Who will do it, if not Casshern?” This series doesn’t dive as deeply as a series like Galaxy Express 999 into what makes a person a person, but Casshern is surprisingly complex and melancholic for a jaunty, superhero, action cartoon that is similar, in tone, to Devilman (1972).

• There’s an android dog that is loyal and can transform into practically any vehicle imaginable, so to those of you who have an inner-child side―Friender will be that pet that your internal eight-year-old has always wished for! There’s a love interest, Luna, who actually isn’t useless (like most heroines of the time) and has powers of her own.

• Casshern’s duality and indifference towards Luna while having his manly, single-tear moments might be an annoyance to some viewers, but I found the melodrama quite amusing. The visuals aren’t bad, compared to other series that I’ve seen come out of the early 70’s, and the OP is something that’s a “yes, please” download to your cellphone or something that you save to a secret file―so your friends don’t think that you’re a miscreant geek.

• I won’t write a review for Casshern: Robot Hunter, that unmentionable reimagining of Casshern from the 90’s, that’s pretty much a culmination of every awful OVA that was ever conceived at the time. EDGE, GORE, NUDITY! All the components in the edgelord fantasy, Parasite Doll, without an interesting cyberpunk atmosphere… so: it’s completely skippable! It reminded me of every bad Fist of the North Star OVA that I’ve seen, coupled with X/1999… I definitely do not miss that aspect of Japanese animation in the 1990’s!

• Overall, I would suggest this series to someone who wants something fun and noncommittal, in the vein of Gatchaman and the classic Devilman TV series. Especially if you’re a fan of either Casshern Sins or a video game otaku who’s still obsessed with the Megaman franchise. I give this semiotic action series a 6/10 and Casshern: Robot Hunter a 3/10.

• Blurb & SN: At the time of this review, I hadn’t finished Casshern Sins, so I will be writing a separate review for that TV show―shock! I practically only do franchise reviews! I also bought the BD of this series and while there are little to no special features, I’m glad that I purchased the collection because this series is highly enjoyable!