Oct 10, 2018
Preliminary (244/? chp)
I feel this novel has a lot of good power scaling,character developments and plot and is worth a shot.

Unlike your average isekai where your main mc is absurdly overpowred and beats every opponent with ease,Rimuru learns skills and put effort in training as well.Reasons are also provided for why he got so strong.

For example,how Rimuru got so strong was firstly due to Veldora 'naming' him at the start of the series.A dragon naming a slime would surely give him great strength.He then took the skills from other various creatures before leaving the cave.That was the reason why the goblins were afraid of him initially.
(Synopsis of the first few chapters)

Throughout the series there is rapid chracter growth with good explanation to how they got stronger and victory was achieved not through strength alone but also due to the tactics and application of magic employed.Even the characters' state of mind and emotions affected the battle.
E.g: Gabil's cockiness,Shion's Anger,Benimaru's lack of magic application

World building is also just as fantastic in this series as the characters interact with others from various countries.

The slow development of the city of Tempest is also something to look forward to and doesn't get boring as the feeling of reading the characters' hard work and effort to improve their city pay off.

All in all,good writing,good story,good plot.
It's a 10/10 for me.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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