Oct 5, 2018
Aoede (All reviews)
Well, obviously it's kinda different from 80's version.
I like that this one has more small details in plot and they make more realistic and intense atmosphere in comparison with "childish" original TV. Although on the other side there are many missed scenes that I like in 80's.
Sometimes I felt like watching moving manga frames and it doesn't mean well (some scences look good only on paper, you know).
One of the worst thing here is The-Purple-Roses-Man line. I don't like how many times Masumi acts like in horrible romance drama. No, I like this line in orginal anime because it was not in the forefront. But there seems like Mary Sue :/

However, lovely OP/ED, great seiyuus (very interesting to listen to Ogata Megumi as Maya! And Toda Keiko who was Rei in TV version became Chigusa in OVA!) and also fine characters design (Ayumi is so different here) together with animation form another version of the all-time golden classic that I absolutely recommend not only for GnK fans, but for all anime lovers.