Sep 17, 2018
BimboTreant (All reviews)
Where to begin with this.

First off the characters are all pretty much rehashes of Bleach characters with a new layer of paint on them. Balgo is Kon but more stupid, Spangle Ninii is a worse Tatsuki. The only good character in this is the main protagonist, and even then it's mostly subjective, because I have a soft spot for kuudere characters.

The story is set in London's Soul Society West Branch, which is similar to it's eastern counterpart, except instead of reapers you have witches and instead of hollows you have dragons. However there are some differences between the branches that I cannot say it's just a straight up copy of Bleach.

The art is of course pretty great, as that is Kubo's strongest suit.

The humor and writing is the same type that the end of Bleach had.

All in all it's pretty mediocre.