Sep 15, 2018
x3o2 (All reviews)
[minor-spoilers] Won't affect viewing experience.

Ah Poro, bringing us another set of busty schoolgirls getting rap-, uh, loved! by their teachers, or i guess... haha motivated to study! or well the girls motivate the teachers to teach. Honestly whoever writes these stories is my friend.

We have 2 female protagonists, gonna call them TBB(tall with big boobs) and CAA(cute with an attitude, also quite slutty but in a cute way). Plot is fairly simple, TBB comes from a political marriage, she is coming back to school and CAA is tasked to help her around. And yes both girls fuck their teacher/manager/husband whatever they are at this point. As for the male protagonists, two teachers, one average one kinda dumb and chubby. Besides some domination, there isn't much development on their side.

The first episode starts a little slow but it really picks up the pace towards the end and it keeps it up from there, the girls start interacting with eachother and they go on a full bipolar disorder going from anger,hate to love to anger again like every 2 minutes. The show is pretty filled with sex scenes, as for the non-sex scenes, they are actually worth watching as they have some random events to drive the story, and CAA runs her mouth in them so its fine uwu

Story - 6
Art - 8
Sound - 7
Character- 8
Enjoyment - 8