Jul 11, 2018
PurpleMurple234 (All reviews)
Hey Guys so this is a 'Manghwa' that I haven't finished due to the remaining chapters not being available in English. However despite this, just know that I have no intention of not completing this series...I shall learn Korean(again).

Now this might just give you an indication as to how good it is seeing as I plan to learn the language and I completed this all in 1 night. In the chapters that I have completed there was quite a lot of character development, and I found the plot story to be enjoyable. Although it may not be entirely original in some concepts and parts of the story, I still feel like it leaves you with a unique impression.

I also like how the main characters are not the sole focus of this 'Manghwa' and how the supporting characters are not only funny, likable, and bring their own sense of style to the story, but they also help to support the other characters and storylines. There is great action, and a bucket of laughs....and who knows. Maybe some thousand year old reincarnations, and love along the way.